Blogging Reviews

I realize that writing reviews are no different from when I write about issues/other stuff.. I need inspiration.
Without it, my review would be like when I write without inspiration or desire, empty boring rattle.
When I do feel inspired, after reading my own post, I would feel happy, satisfied and convinced (:


Review: Benefit’s Stay, Don’t Stray eyeshadow primer

What else can I say? If it does bother you whether your shadows stay, get this one. It works alright.
I got a couple of samples from Benefit with my other purchases and it is fun to put a leetle of it on my lids before layering on my shadows. But for me, it is too much trouble. I am fine with putting Benefit Creaseless Cream shadow in Birthday Suit as a base and layering on my powder shadows. It stays sufficiently well.
But if you really must have an eye shadow primer, this works! all day (: Also, this works well to keep undereye concealers on as well, also since it is flesh toned.

A tip from my Mum & I: honestly, avoid putting any makeup at all in the delicate undereye area. It tends to accentuate fine lines, and makes them worse as well.

It however, dries up when left sealed improperly. Be careful with that. 4/5

I feel angst towards Biotherm

1. The SA that served me at the Tangs counter was minimally helpful on the brink of paying lip service.
2. Aquasource Nonstop for Combi skin makes my T zone very very very oily.
3. White D-tox Primer in Pink makes my T zone glow with oil, although I admit it adds a nice glow to my cheeks.
4. White D-tox Primer in Pink disappeared on me for a couple of weeks and left me hyperventilating.
5. Compared to Laneige & Benefit, Biotherm has neglected me with their emails of updates and promotions. They also did not give me a Biotherm member card (which I am unsure if exist).

Overall, -frowns-

On and on, we grow