Review: Shiseido Dual Balancing Foundation in I20

My loot from Strawberrynet arrived yesterday, which happened to be my birthday (: so I had many gifts from myself! Compared to RMK liquid foundation, this shiseido dual foundation is thicker in terms of texture.. but like the RMK one, it’s undertone is warm and matches my skin tone pretty well (:
I enjoy sheer coverage, so I put only where ever I find my skintone less even, and blend it in with the rest of my bare skin with a wedge. I used the RMK foundation primer before that, and it blended in easily enough. I set it with Paul and Joe Pressed Powder N in 3, which I got at a sale a few days back.
I am leaving the house soon, and will update as to whether the foundation truly helps to balance serum and dryness! (:

OH well, I’ve been using the Shiseido foundation and I don’t find it much better than the RMK Liquid Foundation in terms of oil control. In a few hours and my nose, as always, shines. Even when I put the Biore Perfect Milk (which really helps with oil control), it still shines. Also, I find the finish a leetle too matt for my liking. I like a leetle dewy glow (:
However, the colour is a perfect match for my skin, a leetle less yellow compared to the RMK one. However, both are fine!
Coverage: Medium
Oil control: Nothing special
Hydration: Medium
Finish: Matt
Texture: Thicker than RMK one by quite a bit (which is very watery)
Overall: 3/5 Average foundation


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