Egg white: The secret of my mum’s youth

At 53, my mother does not have a single crow feet or wrinkle at the outer corners of her eyes. Her skin is plump, fair and youthful. Yes yes, there’re some ages of aging. Light pigmentation at the corners of her cheeks, but hey I have some faded freckles, and her age spots are about as dark as my freckles!

At 53, my mother has beautiful skin. And her secret? Egg White. She’ll be really peeved if she knew I posted “her secret” online. I mean, we do know the uses of egg white. It tightens your pores and firms up your skin and clears your pores when you use it as a 15-minute mask. But hey, we use other natural remedies as well. But for my mum, egg white is her Holy Grail skincare item. She uses it every single day.

I used to recall that as a young child, I would request for my maid to cook tons of eggs in the day for me.. only to be reprimanded by my mother for using her “Facial stuff” in the evenings. I couldn’t understand then. I mean, come on, Mum. Those are eggs, they’re meant for eating!
Well, not to my Mum (:

Im not saying she doesnt use any other skincare products. She does. But none of those insanely expensive La Mer under the ocean stuff. She swears by Egg White.
Being her daughter, and wanting to follow in her footsteps, I am trying to pick up this habit. But honestly, it stinks. -holds nose-


On and on, we grow