REVIEW: Lancome UV Expert Yuex Neuroshield High Potency Eye Protection

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Okay, seriously what is wrong with Lancome that they can’t have a cut-to-the-chase name for it’s sunscreen for eye area!
It seems like there are not many reviews on this on the net– I guess most people either use ordinary sunscreen for their eye area as well, or simply neglect their eye area when it comes to sun protection for their skin! For me, I am super anal, that’s why I bought this. There are few sunscreens especially for the eye area available in the market. Since my eye area is terribly fragile, I would not use the same sunscreen for my eye unless specified so– E.g. RMK Face Protector N. Yes, that works for the eye area too. It’s texture is very fast absorbing yet hydrating at the same time.

Back to this Lancome UV Expert Yuex Neuroshield High Potency Eye Protection, (phew) has SPF30 PA++. Other than being an ordinary sunscreen, it actually brightens up your eye area (: This would be good for those with dark shadows around their eyes. Compared to the RMK one however, it is not as fast absorbing.

On the product it reads this:
“Designed to prevent hyperpigmentation and premature aging around the sensitive eye contour area.”
I’ve been using this for a couple of months and it has been good so far (: I don’t put concealer or foundation in the eye area so I am unsure if this works well under makeup, but considering its texture, I suppose that wouldnt be a problem (:

It retails at SGD55 got 15ml, which isn’t cheap but it would take forever to finish so I guess it is okay.

Packaging: 4/5
Texture: 3.5/5
Product: 4/5
Price: 3/5

After this finishes, I want to try Murad Essential C eye cream with sunscreen, which is at least twice the price of this. Let’s see how it compares then (:


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