Review: Benefit’s Stay, Don’t Stray eyeshadow primer

What else can I say? If it does bother you whether your shadows stay, get this one. It works alright.
I got a couple of samples from Benefit with my other purchases and it is fun to put a leetle of it on my lids before layering on my shadows. But for me, it is too much trouble. I am fine with putting Benefit Creaseless Cream shadow in Birthday Suit as a base and layering on my powder shadows. It stays sufficiently well.
But if you really must have an eye shadow primer, this works! all day (: Also, this works well to keep undereye concealers on as well, also since it is flesh toned.

A tip from my Mum & I: honestly, avoid putting any makeup at all in the delicate undereye area. It tends to accentuate fine lines, and makes them worse as well.

It however, dries up when left sealed improperly. Be careful with that. 4/5


Review: Benefit Moonbeam

Benefit Moonbeam, the sister of the much raved about Highbeam.
Altas, I am one of those skintones Moonbeams practically disappears on.
So bye bye, Moonbeam. I am returning it.
Moonbeam is described on the website as an iridescent complexion enhancer.

According to, the definition of iridescent as used as an adjective is:
– displaying a play of lustrous colors like those of the rainbow.
Let’s not be anal and take it literally. Well, basically I really expected to at least sport a glow, and perhaps see a slight mirage of colours under sunlight. Well, I clearly did not.

Maybe the problem is I already sport a glow. No, it isn’t because I have oily skin. yes, defensive I am. I have an oily nose area, but my cheeks sport a slight glow. And this iridescent complexion enhancer does not enhance my cheeks. I tried it on my nose- below foundation, it was barely visible. above foundation, it smudged it. yeeks.

Bye Moonbeam. 1/5 for you. 1 is for the pretty colour I see on the nail polish brush and the lovely packaging.
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Review: Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in Birthday Suit

The colour is beautiful on the site. When you look at it in the lovely packaging, it is lovely. This beauty is transferred over to your eyelids, but is such a muted chrome, (although it’s described as Crushed Chrome) that it can be use only as an eyeshadow base.
It is, like I say, a beautiful colour. But if you’re looking for a potent eye shadow colour for your creases, you’re looking in the wrong place.

Staying Power: 3.5/5
With Benefit Stay, don’t Stray primer, it does last all day. Without it, hmm, it does crease on your eyelids. I do not have double eyelids, just under eyelids, but even then, it does crease.

It works best when you apply a thin layer at a time, allowing 30 second intervals for it to dry before layering on more. With a darker shade, you should get a buildable colour. Colour: 4

I just bought another of these in Get Figgy! (: we’ll see how that one goes.

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Review: Benefit Benetint

This has to be a Holy Grail product for many girls and makeup artists. It is easy to use, to control, and colour is so buildable and suitable for every skin tone that you could never go wrong.

Trust me when I say that purchasing a Benetint for SGD40 is worth every cent. You can use the leetle bottle for more than a year, if you use it everyday that is (: If you don’t, it would last longer.

But then again, with so many products many of us own, would it be worth it as you might not even bother with using it. Well, if you enjoy sporting a fuss free natural looking glow, you will use this as often as you enjoy putting on makeup (:

Being a red tint, it really matches the blushing shade of any skin tone. Therefore for colour wise, it’s a 5/5.
Being a cheek stain, it lasts alllll day.. and I mean all day. Blushes I’ve used so far don’t last more than a few hours on my cheeks (they’re not oily), but Benetint stays alright. Staying power: 5/5
However, that being said, being a cheek stain, it does stain your cheek pretty quickly. You got to blend it in really fastly, or it will dry and leave red streaks on your cheeks. and fingers too! if you use your fingers, which I detest. So I use a wedge sponge, which blends it in nicely (: ahh. a fresh-faced natural glow.

If you don’t enjoy having the makeup look, this is for you. it is for everybody really. (:
Oh and to add, when you blush, it blushes with you. I can certify that. haha.

This product retails at Benefit website for USD28
and at Benefit counters in Singapore for SGD64 (which is crazy)

Do not be turned off by the strong colour. When blended, it looks like it’s a part of your skin (:
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