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I realize that writing reviews are no different from when I write about issues/other stuff.. I need inspiration.
Without it, my review would be like when I write without inspiration or desire, empty boring rattle.
When I do feel inspired, after reading my own post, I would feel happy, satisfied and convinced (:


Review: Clinique Blushing Blush: Charming Rose & Aglow

I got interested in Clinique blushes because one of my good friends have been using a same one since I knew her a few years. She’s the type of girl who’s loyal to her cosmetics when she finds they work for her, but shops plenty for clothes instead. According to her, Clinique blushes stay on all day long for her & are carry a good colour payoff. She uses Clinique Blushing Blush in Charming Rose, and it truly adds a POP of colour to her cheeks! When she laughs and blushes, she blushes to the same rose colour. Charming Rose is a very pigmented solid rose colour with no shimmer. I was looking for a blush that would add a POP of colour to my cheeks, and so I got the same one. Unfortunately, it didn’t work so well for me. My skin was more yellow-toned than hers, and the blush looked warm on my cheeks. When I tried to layer on, the colour only looked darkened and dulled my entire skintone rather than adding a POP of colour ): I was disappointed.

I decided to try my luck with AGLOW, which I knew was unlikely to add a POP of colour but would prolly (if successful) add A GLOW (:
And it did! It does make my cheeks glow. It’s a natural copper peachy colour with dull gold shimmer. It is beautiful on my warm skin as it simply brightens my complexion up with a natural glow! (:
I think I might have found my first HG blush when it comes to adding a natural glow. (: very nice indeed!

If you have warm toned yet relatively fair skin like me, Clinique Blushing Blush in Aglow should work beautifully for you.
And if you have more cool toned skin and fair skin like my friends, Clinique Blushing Blush in Charming Rose should work for you! Anyhow, I do not see the shade being sold online. It is however retailing at Clinique counter in Singapore departmental stores.

Price: SGD32.50 (on Strawberrynet) SGD43 (Clinique counters) for 6g of blush; not all that cheap but I think it is reasonably priced for the quality! 3.5/5
Product: 4/5 just sufficiently pigmented yet does not require a skilled light-hand to create a beautiful effect on fair skin.
Packaging: 3/5 Dislike the silver cover that leaves my fingerprints all over it. Don’t mind the transparent base though.
Brush: 5/5 I give full brownie points because compared to all other brushes that come with the blushes I’ve owned, it is of good quality & ANGLED (:
Re-purchase: Hell yeah. I usually say no, because there’s so much product.. but Aglow’s awesome on me -beams-
Charming Rose

*Images taken from Google images


REVIEW: Lancome UV Expert Yuex Neuroshield High Potency Eye Protection

Image taken from:

Okay, seriously what is wrong with Lancome that they can’t have a cut-to-the-chase name for it’s sunscreen for eye area!
It seems like there are not many reviews on this on the net– I guess most people either use ordinary sunscreen for their eye area as well, or simply neglect their eye area when it comes to sun protection for their skin! For me, I am super anal, that’s why I bought this. There are few sunscreens especially for the eye area available in the market. Since my eye area is terribly fragile, I would not use the same sunscreen for my eye unless specified so– E.g. RMK Face Protector N. Yes, that works for the eye area too. It’s texture is very fast absorbing yet hydrating at the same time.

Back to this Lancome UV Expert Yuex Neuroshield High Potency Eye Protection, (phew) has SPF30 PA++. Other than being an ordinary sunscreen, it actually brightens up your eye area (: This would be good for those with dark shadows around their eyes. Compared to the RMK one however, it is not as fast absorbing.

On the product it reads this:
“Designed to prevent hyperpigmentation and premature aging around the sensitive eye contour area.”
I’ve been using this for a couple of months and it has been good so far (: I don’t put concealer or foundation in the eye area so I am unsure if this works well under makeup, but considering its texture, I suppose that wouldnt be a problem (:

It retails at SGD55 got 15ml, which isn’t cheap but it would take forever to finish so I guess it is okay.

Packaging: 4/5
Texture: 3.5/5
Product: 4/5
Price: 3/5

After this finishes, I want to try Murad Essential C eye cream with sunscreen, which is at least twice the price of this. Let’s see how it compares then (:

REVIEW: MAC Sheertone Blush in Peaches & Margin

Peaches is a brighter, obvious peachy shade whereas Margin is a dirtier colour, mixed with dull gold shimmer. Margin looks dirty and dark in the pan, but when swiped twice with a light hand, gives a charming warm flush across my cheek. Peaches on the other hand, gives a bright finish, but when layered more, really becomes unnatural- which I dislike.
Margin beats Peaches anyway. I reach for Margin as a safe, everyday blush and Peaches when I want a brighter look, especially when my skin is looking dull ): Peaches has got a leetle shimmer as well, but it is more matt compared with Margin.
Both are healthy peachy colours and I would reccommend these as different variants of Peach blushes. If one wants to experiment with Peachy blushes for the first time, I STRONGLY reccommend Margin (: It is safe, yet a unique peach colour. I tried Peachykeen & Pinch O Peach and ended with Margin still (:

Margin: Big O 5!
Peaches: 3.5

images taken from google images

Review: Diorskin Poudre Shimmer in Rose Diamond

In the day, it is a great highlighter. It gives a shimmery glow when I swipe my blush brush down all the 5 colours and apply it in a C-figure down from my brow bone to the apple of my cheek. If you want a more subtle glow, swipe it once or twice. If you want a more shimmery glow, simply swipe more. (:

However, when I used it as a highlighter on the nose, I find the shimmer flecks too obvious for my liking. So nah.

I tried using it at a blush but found it far too shimmery. It is pretty for someone who enjoy shimmery blushes and prolly more suitable for night usage (:

Due to it’s high price & the huge amount of product, honestly, you only need ONE of such highlighters, unless of course, you’re a make-up/Dior fanatic. It is pretty, but not a neccessity for someone who likes their make-up simple & basic.

Highlighter: 4/5
Blush: 3/5
Packaging: 5/5 It’s Dior!
Usage: 3.5/ 5 It has no brush ):
Price: 2/5 Expensive

Review: Shiseido Dual Balancing Foundation in I20

My loot from Strawberrynet arrived yesterday, which happened to be my birthday (: so I had many gifts from myself! Compared to RMK liquid foundation, this shiseido dual foundation is thicker in terms of texture.. but like the RMK one, it’s undertone is warm and matches my skin tone pretty well (:
I enjoy sheer coverage, so I put only where ever I find my skintone less even, and blend it in with the rest of my bare skin with a wedge. I used the RMK foundation primer before that, and it blended in easily enough. I set it with Paul and Joe Pressed Powder N in 3, which I got at a sale a few days back.
I am leaving the house soon, and will update as to whether the foundation truly helps to balance serum and dryness! (:

OH well, I’ve been using the Shiseido foundation and I don’t find it much better than the RMK Liquid Foundation in terms of oil control. In a few hours and my nose, as always, shines. Even when I put the Biore Perfect Milk (which really helps with oil control), it still shines. Also, I find the finish a leetle too matt for my liking. I like a leetle dewy glow (:
However, the colour is a perfect match for my skin, a leetle less yellow compared to the RMK one. However, both are fine!
Coverage: Medium
Oil control: Nothing special
Hydration: Medium
Finish: Matt
Texture: Thicker than RMK one by quite a bit (which is very watery)
Overall: 3/5 Average foundation

Review: RMK Face Protector N SPF 31 +

Rating: 4/5

Plus sides: Hydrating, is absorbed quickly

Downside: Contains Merylparaben & other Parabens ): Is pricey considers the amount of sunscreen inside.
only PA+ when it comes to UVB protection.

The sunscreen itself is a light white cream which is hydrating and gets absorbed very quickly. Very good for mornings when one is in a rush to apply on other makeup after. Also very suitable for dry skin or skin that will be experiencing air conditioning for long hours.
I’ve only been using it for a short while and I have a leetle difficulty getting the sunscreen out of the tube. I was so freaked, you mean.. it’s finishing already??? Although I admit I use a potent amount of sunscreen.
It is afterall, your greatest Anti-Aging tool. For me, it definitely is (:
Because RMK Face protector N is only PA +, I make sure the makeup products I use after that have more sunscreen. yes, this may seem ‘kiasu’ to you, but honestly, I cannot further emphasize the importance of sunscreen.
I sound like my Mum, and this advice came from her. yes (:

All in all, I enjoy using this sunscreen but would prolly venture to explore others (:

image from RMK site

Review: RMK Liquid Foundation in 102

Altas, it is true. Those rumors you’ve been hearing/reading. RMK makes base foundations that looks absolutely natural. For a girl looking for the no-makeup makeup look, you’re in for a treat. RMK liquid foundations come in tones for both pink-based and yellow-based tones, very suitable for Asians.

1. RMK wears like a dream on the skin. I was so excited after the SA applied on a fresh makeup for me, complete with RMK makeup base and RMK liquid foundation (102 for me). It looks absolutely lovely and NATURAL. Correction, I looked absolutely lovely (: (Sorry, I am not in the habit of taking photos) Just take my word. haha.

I bought both the makeup base and liquid foundation. The texture is very watery and blends very easily.
BUT… yes, the downside of the foundation:
1. For someone with mildly combination oily skin, I can get by with dabbing at my nose every few hours, but this foundation would NOT work for someone with very oily skin. This RMK foundation has poor oil control.
2. It can accentuates fine lines. It accentuated some fine lines around my mouth. But I haven’t got any very deep ones, so I am okay. But for more mature skins, this might not have sufficient coverage. Also, if you prefer completely flawless outlook (yes I don’t), you prolly wouldnt like this.

But for me, this is a 4/5. Because I really enjoy the natural coverage (:
It isn’t so cheap though, retails at SGD70 at Taka and Isetan Scotts.
Image from RMK website.

Review: Benefit’s Stay, Don’t Stray eyeshadow primer

What else can I say? If it does bother you whether your shadows stay, get this one. It works alright.
I got a couple of samples from Benefit with my other purchases and it is fun to put a leetle of it on my lids before layering on my shadows. But for me, it is too much trouble. I am fine with putting Benefit Creaseless Cream shadow in Birthday Suit as a base and layering on my powder shadows. It stays sufficiently well.
But if you really must have an eye shadow primer, this works! all day (: Also, this works well to keep undereye concealers on as well, also since it is flesh toned.

A tip from my Mum & I: honestly, avoid putting any makeup at all in the delicate undereye area. It tends to accentuate fine lines, and makes them worse as well.

It however, dries up when left sealed improperly. Be careful with that. 4/5

Review: Benefit Moonbeam

Benefit Moonbeam, the sister of the much raved about Highbeam.
Altas, I am one of those skintones Moonbeams practically disappears on.
So bye bye, Moonbeam. I am returning it.
Moonbeam is described on the website as an iridescent complexion enhancer.

According to, the definition of iridescent as used as an adjective is:
– displaying a play of lustrous colors like those of the rainbow.
Let’s not be anal and take it literally. Well, basically I really expected to at least sport a glow, and perhaps see a slight mirage of colours under sunlight. Well, I clearly did not.

Maybe the problem is I already sport a glow. No, it isn’t because I have oily skin. yes, defensive I am. I have an oily nose area, but my cheeks sport a slight glow. And this iridescent complexion enhancer does not enhance my cheeks. I tried it on my nose- below foundation, it was barely visible. above foundation, it smudged it. yeeks.

Bye Moonbeam. 1/5 for you. 1 is for the pretty colour I see on the nail polish brush and the lovely packaging.
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