REVIEW: MAC Sheertone Blush in Peaches & Margin

Peaches is a brighter, obvious peachy shade whereas Margin is a dirtier colour, mixed with dull gold shimmer. Margin looks dirty and dark in the pan, but when swiped twice with a light hand, gives a charming warm flush across my cheek. Peaches on the other hand, gives a bright finish, but when layered more, really becomes unnatural- which I dislike.
Margin beats Peaches anyway. I reach for Margin as a safe, everyday blush and Peaches when I want a brighter look, especially when my skin is looking dull ): Peaches has got a leetle shimmer as well, but it is more matt compared with Margin.
Both are healthy peachy colours and I would reccommend these as different variants of Peach blushes. If one wants to experiment with Peachy blushes for the first time, I STRONGLY reccommend Margin (: It is safe, yet a unique peach colour. I tried Peachykeen & Pinch O Peach and ended with Margin still (:

Margin: Big O 5!
Peaches: 3.5

images taken from google images


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