Review: Benefit Moonbeam

Benefit Moonbeam, the sister of the much raved about Highbeam.
Altas, I am one of those skintones Moonbeams practically disappears on.
So bye bye, Moonbeam. I am returning it.
Moonbeam is described on the website as an iridescent complexion enhancer.

According to, the definition of iridescent as used as an adjective is:
– displaying a play of lustrous colors like those of the rainbow.
Let’s not be anal and take it literally. Well, basically I really expected to at least sport a glow, and perhaps see a slight mirage of colours under sunlight. Well, I clearly did not.

Maybe the problem is I already sport a glow. No, it isn’t because I have oily skin. yes, defensive I am. I have an oily nose area, but my cheeks sport a slight glow. And this iridescent complexion enhancer does not enhance my cheeks. I tried it on my nose- below foundation, it was barely visible. above foundation, it smudged it. yeeks.

Bye Moonbeam. 1/5 for you. 1 is for the pretty colour I see on the nail polish brush and the lovely packaging.
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